Skyrama Cheats & Skyrama Hack

Skyrama is one of the best web broswer based games on Facebook.  Skyrama was co-developed by Austrian based game studio called Sproing. In the game user can carry out a number of different tasks related with airport industry. In a few words – you manage your own airport.

You start with only basic stuff. Players have to quicly expand their airport and serve services for their customers to earn money. You can control air-traffic controller, pilots, stuff and you have to know what is going on in your airport.

If you will plan your landings and airplanes starts punctually then you will earn bonuses and gifts. Such rewards can be invested in new buildings such as larger hangars or hotels.

Why do we need skyrama cheats & skyrama hack in game?

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Can someone detect that I use cheats or hack in skyrama?

Definitely no. They can’t detect any hacks or cheats in the game. Skyrama hack was developed by a Martin Sanches, well known hacker which specialize in flash browser games hacks. The tool has also an option to use proxy server to connect with the game. You can choose proxy servers from USA,Europe,China or Russia. That will protect you, your account and will leave no footprints. You and your skyrama account will be 100% safe. No information about you, your account, your IP will be shared or stored. Once you install the program it will not send any information anywhere.


NOTE:  Please feel free to contact us at support(at)skyramacheats(dot)net if you will get any trouble with installation, management or you will have questions. Please note also that we are giving this software for only limited group of people.